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once again the wordswirl dimensions abound unbound indefinitenesses dim memory of what was here before now distant present gift sings out from inside rebirthquakes shutter shimmer the dances begin again this time others have invited the unknown self of themselves including this one other self behind innumerable veils revealing reveiling

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abstract, aleatory techniques, altered states, anais nin, andre breton, antonin artaud, arbitrariness, ars oblivionalis, assemblage, automatic writing, automaticism, automatism, beat poetry, beckett, bob dylan, cacophany, channeling, chaos, chaos theory, coefficient of weirdness, collaboration, collaborative writing, collage, connotation, contradictions, cut-up poetry, dada, defamiliarization, discordia, divination, dream logic, epiphany, esoterica, euphoric creation, experimental poetry, experimental writing, experimentalism, experimentation, exquisite corpse, feminism, forked tongues, foucault, found poetry, fragmentation, free verse, gertrude stein, glossolalia, hermeneutics, hilda doolittle, hugo ball, iconoclasm, illusion, imagist poetry, improvisation, information, inspiration, jean dubuffet, joyce, kurt schwitters, lateral thinking, liminal spaces, literature, malapropism, maxine hong kingston, mediumship, mina loy, nabokov, neologism, nietzsche, nin, nonsense, onomatopoeia, ontological anarchism, paramodernism, pataphysics, plagiarism, poetry, poetry generators, portmanteau, possession, postmodernism, poststructuralism, prophesy, psychedelia, psychotic art, random, revelation, semantics, semiotics, sex, shamanism, situationism, spectrists, splicing, spontaneity, stream of consciousness, subliminals, surrealism, symbolism, synaesthesia, synchronicity, trance, tristan tzara, unconscious, william s. burroughs, word association, word salad, words, writing, zero-degree expression, zora neal hurston