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subject to change the subject becoming now

subject to change the subject becoming now just kitten warmed up derived from gittin' warmed up and subject to change literally being the subject line being subject to change meanwhile glad that you're glad that I'm excited to be on the blink of return though must say it's taking me some time by the way my latest update was inspired by
b3nt_halo_poems comment obliquenesses allowing somethings out of kinds of nothing oh just some little play through words kitten gittin' warmed up gittin' warmed up in t' gittin' back in t' da swing o' writin' 'round these parties subject line subject t' change rather than actually having a so-called legitimate subject then considering your words: I have no idea what that means often the elusiveness of meaning yet still the words notwithstanding the question of meaning acknowledgment in terms of glad to excite much blinking of arrival lights up politely standing in for brightly little nothings a little more than a whisper of whispering transfers oblique and vague though they well may be
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